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The Slovenian Section of IBBY
was established in the Main Slovene Children's Library, The Pioneer Library, in 1992, shortly after the formation of the independent state of Slovenia. Many of the founding members were involved in the former National Section of Yugoslavia.

In 1966 the Yugoslavian Section of IBBY hosted the IBBY Congress in Ljubljana, under the title of ‘The Birth of Children’s Books’.

The Slovenian Section of IBBY has its site/address in the Ljubljana City Library and collaborates closely with the Pionirska – centre for the Children’s and Youth Literature and Librarianship

Mission, goals, functions
As the member of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) it has the same mission:

- to promote international understanding through children’s books
- to give children everywhere the opportunity to have access to books with high literary and artistic standards
- to encourage the publication and distribution of quality children’s books
- to provide support and training for those involved with children and children’s literature
- to stimulate research and scholarly works in the field of children's literature, and particularly
- to promote Slovene Children’s Literature of high quality in Slovenia and in the international field
- to promote quality Children’s Literature in foreign languages in Slovenia

The members of the Slovenian Section of IBBY

Ljubljana City Library, Maribor Public Library, National and University Library,
Slovene Reading Badge Society – ZPMS, Union of Associations of Slovene Librarians, Fine Artists´ Association - Section of IllustratorsThe journal The Child and a Book, Mladinska knjiga Publishing House, Publishing Houses: Franc-Franc, Rokus-Klett, Miš, Mladinska knjiga, RED. Some individuals.

Honorary Member

Tanja Pogačar

Initiator of establishing the Slovenian Section of IBBY, its president from 1992 to 2004

Members of the Executive Committee


haramija ilc jamnik
dr. Dragica Haramija Andrej Ilc mag. Tilka Jamnik, pres.
tinabilban mis_svoljsak kaja
dr. Tina Bilban
Irena Miš Svoljšak Kaja Bucik Vavpetič
marija_prelog saksida ZSV-foto 2
Marija Prelog
dr. Igor Saksida Zarika Snoj Verbovšek


The Section regularly informs the public about IBBY’s activities and is closely involved with reading promotion.

It works on becoming the focal point for each institution or individual concerned with children's literature in Slovenia. It also fosters international links with the International Youth Library (IJB), the Biennale of Bratislava (BIB) and Bookbird, as well with IBBY National Sections worldwide. 

A large proportion of IBBY Slovenia’s activities are centred around the International Children’s Book Day, on April 2nd: an exhibition and symposium are co-organized at the MKL, Pionirska-Centre for Children's and Youth Literature and Librarianship, followed by an evening ceremony at the Slovene Writers' Association.

The Section regularly nominate the Slovene authors, illustrators, translators and promotors of the children’s literature for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA), for the Hans Christian Andersen Award and for the IBBY Honour List

The members of the Slovenian Section of IBBY regularly assist at the IBBY World Congresses every two years (often with paper presentations). 



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